Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blubrry, BOL, 24

All I've been watching lately is episodes of 24 on Netflix. It's a ridiculous show but incredibly addictive. So that's why I haven't posted lately.

Roku has a new channel, Blubrry. It's a lot like, with a variety of medium to poor quality podcasts. Haven't found anything compelling on it so far. But hey, it's free...

I have been enjoying cnet's Buzz Out Loud on Mediafly, easiest to search for it or add it to your Mediafly account. There's an audio and a video version.

We also got the Wii Netflix disk. It's perfect for the kids.


  1. Have you tried "Drive-In Classics" or "Moonlight Movies"?

  2. Nope, haven't tried them as I think they are pay channels and I'm cheap. There are a bunch of free movie channels that seem similar on and possibly blubrry and mediafly.