Monday, February 15, 2010

Detective Montalbano

Roku added the MHz Network last update. It's listed as a premium channel and their roku page says:
"MHz Networks On Demand has launched in Beta on the family of Roku players, with free news and news magazine programming from premier international broadcasters, exclusive music interviews, Detective Montalbano, MHz Networks originals, AFL matches and more.Additional content will be added, including premium and pay services, throughout Spring 2010."
So a mix of free and pay content. I surfed around and found the aforementioned "Detective Montalbano".

Let me pause for a second and explain my notation for finding the shows I blog about within the Roku menus. Using "Detective Montalbano as an example, assuming you start from the main menu showing all the channels you are subscribed to, which also includes the settings menu and the channel store, select "MHz Networks On Demand". If you don't see that channel, go to the channel store and add it.

Then within the MHz Networks menu, scroll sideways using the right and left arrows until you are on the "Entertainment" tab, select it, then scroll sideways again until you see the "Series" tab. Select that tab and then you will see one series available, "Detective Montalbano Season 1"'. Select that and you will see all the episodes available for watching on the Roku!

Rather than write all that out I instead can write:
Home>MHz Networks>Entertainment>Series>Detective Montalbano>"The Snack Thief" (which is the title of the episode I watched).
Much clearer?

Back to Detective Montalbano, the series is from 1999 and is actually titled "Il commissario Montalbano". The series is in Italian and has English subtitles. It's an entertaining mystery/procedural set in Sicily and well acted. A nice change from BBC mysteries and CSI clones. Heck, it's just nice to hear Italian sometimes.

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